09/12/21:   Open and taking referrals for face to face therapy. Of course, if you choose not to have face to face, I can offer you videocalls.                                         I can practise safely  under the recommendations and guidelines set by the UK and Scottish Governments . I am a trained and registered nurse so am aware of infection control measures and disease-spread . I have been fully vaccinated and take a home covid test x 3 week. My room allows a 2 meter distancing. There is low footfall (perhaps 3- 4 clients a day) which will allow me to clean in between. I will provide hand sanitiser which you can use frequently and before/after the session. If you require water, can I ask you that you bring your own bottle?                                                                         Any paperwork required for each session will be sent online, where possible, and payments made by bank transfer. There are toilet facilities at the office, but you may not wish to use these (to reduce your potential to exposure). There is also a small waiting room - if you don't wish to use this, please arrive on time.               Please inform me if you have tested positive or had treatment for COVID-19. If you have, or anyone you have had close contact with, had any of the signs or symptoms associated with coronavirus, please inform me.                                                                                     By agreeing to face to face appoints, you agree to me passing your details on to Trace and Protect - you need to do this with my details too.  Thank you - please ask me if you have any questions relating to the above.