About Katy Park

 I have over  25 years experience working with a variety psychological issues in both the NHS, private healthcare and private practice. I have worked with adolescents/young adults, adults and older adults both individually, in groups and with families.

 I initially qualified as a general nurse in 1990 and following some time working in a hospice , trained in mental health care, where I have practised since. For 15 years I worked as a therapist/counsellor and a Service Manager at The Priory Hospital/Clinic, Glasgow. I worked with various psychological  presentations - depression, anxiety/stress disorders, eating disorders,low self esteem and alcohol/substance abuse (amongst others).

More recently, I have been the senior cognitive behavioural therapist working on a 3 year research project with the NHS/Glasgow University into treating low mood/depression.  I currently have a part time NHS post as a clinical specialist training staff in CBT, and also work as a Mental Health Advisor/Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for Glasgow University in student counselling.

 I was educated in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Dundee University in 1999 (Post Graduate Diploma) and have been developing and advancing my counselling skills since then. I take my professional development  seriously and regularly attend training/conferences and keep up to date with current research. I completed my Masters in CBT in 2010, again from Dundee University. In the past,I have published research and have worked with the Scottish Government on guidelines (for eating disorders and obesity).

 I am an accredited member of the Brittish Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psycotherapists (www.BABCP.com ), which is the lead organisation for CBT in the UK, and I adhere to their standards of conduct, performance and ethics, which includes frequent supervision.


I am a highly skilled and trained therapist, whose aim is to ensure that my clients always get the highest level of therapy and benefit from the most advanced therepeutic methods and techniques in a safe, confidential setting.


A quiet place where you can talk about youself and your life, and the problems you are experiencing. A time to think and reflect, and a time that is just for you to explore your issues. Together, we can identify what is troubling you and keeping you stuck, and identify ways of overcoming these.