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Most of us suffer from low mood, stress or other psychological issues from time to time when things may be difficult, or life isn’t going the way we expected. Sometimes this stress doesn’t just affect our mood - we can experience some uncomfortable physical symptoms and our behaviour can also be affected, which may be why you have decided to get some help.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)/Counselling may help with:

  •      Feeling low in mood/depression
  •      Feeling irritable/angry
  •      Anxious and worrying a lot; stressed out/burned out
  •      Feeling "stuck"
  •      Low in confidence and self-esteem
  •      Eating problems
  •      Bereavement/Loss and Grief
  •      Poor sleep and appetite
  •      Relationship difficulties
  •      Struggling to cope with life changes
  •      Work-related problems/stress
  •      Emotional symptoms related to past traumatic events
  •      Many other issues


After a few sessions some common benefits of CBT or Counselling may include:

  •  Improved mood - a better balance of feelings and less   unhelpful thoughts
  •  An understanding of why you feel the way you do
  •  Identification of  goals and ability/motivation to make   changes
  •  Improved relationships
  •  Less self-destructive/unhelpful behaviours/habits
  •  A sense of having more control over your life
  •  More confidence
  •  Learn how to manage moods/feeling/thoughts more   effectively
  •  Become more resilient


I am a highly skilled and trained therapist, whose aim is to ensure that my clients always get the highest level of therapy and benefit from the most advanced therepeutic methods and techniques in a safe, confidential setting.

I offer a quiet place where you can talk about youself and your life and the problems you are experiencing. A time to think and reflect, and a time that is just for you to explore your issues. Together, we can identify what is troubling you and keeping you stuck, and identify ways of overcoming these.